Invest in a new game that most anyone can play. Lets make a deal and get this game made.

A Bullseye For Any Event

You’re getting back into the swing of things.

Birthday parties and summer events are all on the horizon.

But after 2020, all of your usual games are kind of played out.

How about something new yet familiar?

A game that is easy to learn yet hard to master?

A challenge that will add spice to your event?

Wow them with Vortex!

Vortex Benefits

Easy to Understand

Play Vortex like you would darts.

Score points by hitting numbers; the higher, the better.

Finish with a high score to win.

Take your game to the next level!

Difficult to Master

12 light balls and 2 heavy ones.

Truncated Cuboctahedron shape.

A moving target

A game loaded with strategy and fun that will have you saying: “I got next!”

Choose Your Venue




Three game positions, floor, mounted parallel on wall and mounted perpendicular on wall.

Vortex wows them all everywhere they go!

Welcome to the

Third Dimension

Your life isn’t flat, so why should your games be?

Vortex is a moving target game with a unique multi-sided 3D shape that has numbers on each side.

Players throw Velcro balls from eight feet away.

The shape spins from the force and weight of the balls, giving your game an extra dimension of challenge and fun.

See it in action


Play Your Way

Vortex Puts You in Control.

Play one-on-one against a friend, solo or two-vs-two.

Take turns hitting the target or play simultaneously; that’s a level of excitement other games simply can’t match.

No More Danger Zones,

Only Fun Spaces

A lot of games should come with a warning label.

  • You can lose an eye playing darts.
  • You can break a toe playing horseshoes.
  • You can break a nail while bowling.

Keep the fun safe for all

involved with Vortex.

Vortex is "Patent Pending". This game has gone through the Engineering Phase. Engineering files are ready to give to a manufacturer.

Contact the Inventor to Make a Licensing Deal

and be the Majority Owner.